Based in Los Angeles California, start-up is a healthy lifestyle online blog that actively promotes wellness and healthier living. The blog also has an e-commerce component, selling high performance blenders, Vitamix and Blendtec.

Blender Babes  started in 2013, wanted to build an online solution from scratch that would bridge the gap between Healthy Living and Products in which to promote them, and most importantly identify a qualifying sales channel to generate more leads and conversions.

  • Identify keywords and purchasing trends in Kitchen Appliance Space
  • Establish communication that builds rapport while effectively educating and “warming” potential buyers to Blender Babes products.


Blender Babes enlisted Smoking Gun Media, a digital marketing agency, to build out their digital presence. Smoking Gun Media combined its unique mix of content strategy, creative services, video content and science and technology development to define a digital strategy that would support the above-stated goals. As a result, they launched a fully responsive platform that included the first to market selling system for high performance blenders. This responsive website served as a hub that delivered contextually relevant content (articles, video, imagery) and experiences based non-biased review site.


Thanks to Smoking Gun Media, Blender Babes now generates millions of visits (6million +), to the website, social media and videos, which have inspired and guided purchasing decisions.  By infusing 12% of the annual sales we drove through online and brick and mortar, we multiplied the amount of visitors 2 fold and doubled sales across both channels. Our current estimate of sales driven by Blender Babes is over $400,000 annually.