A Digital Marketing Company

 Webby Award Winning Agency

Websites, Interactive Advertising, Video, Mobile & Apps

Smoking Gun instills sustainable practices centered around growth, quality control, and user experience; all of which are aimed at long-term customer retention and market share. Therefore, allowing entrepreneurs to scale their operations, improve brand performance, and create a process for lasting power through our digital marketing company.


  • Design the website using a Content Management System (“CMS”) platform for ways administration and stream lined content publishing
  • Increase visitor engagement by refreshing website imagery, adding interactive media, integrating high-level calculation tools in collaboration with existing freelance graphic designer in collaboration with existing freelance graphic designer
  • Develop cutting-edge and well-organized website with features like well organized content, intuitive navigation, and responsive design
  • Identify customer experience mapping to ensure all touch points are use and authentic
  • Create landing pages for data collection and nurturing programs
  • Ecommerce Solutions, Woo Commerce, Magento, Open Cart, Business Catalyst
  • CMS Solutions such as WordPress, Business Catalyst


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  • Build domain authority using relevant keywords
  • Create linked content optimized for search engines (off-site optimization)
  • Run multiple PPC campaigns to cover industry related keyword searches
  • Drive traffic to landing page to capture lead information for proactive outreach


  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) analysis and website updates
  • Measure against established Key Performance Indicator’s (KPI) and refine online marketing campaign


  • Establish a central content hub to which traffic will be driven
  • Branded content, Articles, News, Recipes, Videos, 10Tens, Advice, and recipe
  • Downloadable ebooks


  • Use affiliate blogs and social media channels to build community and link engaging content
  • Deliver content that is educational, informative, timely, engaging, and shareable


  • Create ad content focused on specific demographics and geographies identified in discovery phase
  • Run multiple social media campaigns to cover key demographics and geographies


  • Identify decision makers/high converters, then market to them their interests and products that may be an add on to previous purchase or development
  • Establish communication that builds rapport, while effectively educating and “warming” potential buyers


  • User segmented based of interests, then serve data that’s relevant to interest CRM
  • Utilize all transactional emails for opportunities to sell


  • Store data for re-marketing and up-sells
  • Dynamically redirect to up sell offers and “thank you pages”
  • Use custom-designed, exclusive landing pages
  • Check for duplicate leads
  • Ping and post to multiple buyers
  • Manage and fire post-back (server to server). Pixel conversions based on rules and filters
  • Set filters and “if/then” type actions
  • Post a copy of leads to auto responders, databases, CRMs, and most other 3rd party systems
  • Redirect to “thank you” pages based on sold/unsold status, validation/duplication results, mobile, platform, and custom filters.
  • Rotate “thank you” pages for A/B testing based on weights, caps, 3rd party CPA offer conversions, and more.