UI/UX Case Studies – WannaPing?

Client: WannaPing?

Client Goals: WannaPing? is set to stake its claim in the mobile dating app space along with prominent apps like Tinder. This project consisted of full application wireframing, use cases and user research. The results yielded a working prototype that the product owners used to go out and raise capital for its build and launch. Keep an eye out for them!

Methodology: User research was performed to identify key personas and use cases to determine layout and design.

Deliverables: Persona profiles based on user research. Wireframes depicting information architecture and user flow.

Before: Application was documented in text only description until user research was performed, followed by wireframing.

After: A fully-realized and functional prototype..

Conclusion: This is was a great excercise in building a mobile native user experience.

app comp
Screenshots:Depicted below are snapshots of top level use cases. For a more detailed wireframe click here.


Use Case Set#1:
1) Signing Up
2) Logging in
3) Setting up a profile


Use Case Set#2:
1) User Profile
2) Top Navigation
3) Search Results


Use Case Set#3:
1) Prospective Match Profile
2) Recieving a Message


Use Case Set#4:
1) Message Center
2) Quick and Custom Search


Use Case Set#5:
1) Search Results: Gallery vs. List View
2) Little Black Book Overview


Use Case Set#6:
1) Little Black Book Detail
2) Instant Gratification
3) Photo Album


Use Case Set#7:
1) Pricing
2) Privacy
3) Help