What’s the Newest Target at Smoking Gun Media?


There has never been a better time for entrepreneurship as we welcome 2016. Why? For starters, there is vast opportunity in the current climate of over 3 billion people now on the Internet and 15% of Americans owning a Smartphone. It’s a climate inspiring many of the 28 million small businesses and over 500 startups in Silicon Beach alone.

Although robust, more than ever, entrepreneurs are facing barriers to entry. Angel investors and venture capital can work, but typically lack the hands-on components that businesses need. Accelerators and incubators – they are so 2011.

The reality is that startups are increasingly finding it more challenging to generate returns. This is 2016 though, and there is a new model providing solutions for many of the problems that commonly lead startups ultimately to fail. No longer are the odds stacked against entrepreneurial visions materializing.

A studio & marketing agency have combined forces to form a super growth lab comprising of a marketing agency, advisory, incubator, technology platform, and fund. Welcome to our brand new growth lab with a portfolio of startups and small businesses we’re helping accelerate growth.” Check out the latest, below, of how we’re using this new model to help entrepreneurs, like many of you, get ahead of the game.

“Many small businesses are vary of the high-risk and high equity requirements to scale their businesses,” said Stewart, Managing Partner and Founder of SGM. “We decided to join forces last year to pursue early stage companies in the consumer & tech space, where our complementary areas of expertise could make a difference for our clients entering a series of investment rounds. We are very pleased to announce the merger and enter a new era of growth in the media market.”

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